Maa Telugu Talli Ki Mallepuv Danda...

Maa Kanna Talli Ki Mangaaratulu...

This ode in praise of Telugu Talli was sung by eight crores of Telugu-speaking people. But the personification of Telugu language is under the cloud of separation. The divide, which is championed by power-hungry politicians, is alienating people from each other, causing mistrust between regions, and creating unrest among populace.

My dear brothers and sisters, Andhra Pradesh is at the cross roads. The division is being thrust upon us, just because a mother wants to see her son occupying the top post. It is not just the matter of Hyderabad or the river water. But it is about the Telugu pride.

Andhraites share the lineage of brahmarishi Vishwamitra, who when challenged created an altogether prati-srushti (another universe). So it's not the question of a city or a river; But it's the question of our collective identity and self respect, which cannot be compromised or undermined under any circumstances.

Let's spare a minute for our motherland. Though we are thousands of miles away from our state, our heart still beats for our Telugu Talli. Come! Let's sign the petition to stall sinister designs to divide our Andhra Pradesh.

Save Andhra Pradesh.

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